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Grow A Garden Journal or Blog

Keeping records of what I've planted, where and when, has always been a challenge for me. Markers get moved, notepads and books get lost, or aren't with me when I need them. You know what it's like.

So, I've used WordPress to make my Gardening Journal. The automated categories and tags in WordPress make it a different to a paper journal. The trick is in working out what categories and tags to use, and how.

native bees on my sunflowers

Technology + Nature

Spending time interacting with nature and growing food may be good for mental and physical health, as well as education, but getting children and adults away from their screens to engage with nature is not so easy.

So why not work with their preferences by setting up a garden blog. As well as the science and maths skills, and there are lots of additional STEM skills to develop while building engagement with the subject matter itself, including:

  • general computer literacy
  • increased understanding of how the internet works
  • photography, video, and image processing
  • writing and editing
  • organising information
  • online research
Blogs can be a team project, with each member able to build skills they value and can use elsewhere. Because it's online, each member can access the blog online from home.

If that sounds all very well, but a bit too demanding, these pages will provide you with the background knowledge and support you need.

Who is this for:

  • individuals with their own garden
  • teachers and project leaders in schools
  • homeschoolers
  • older children and teens who want to do it themselves
  • garden clubs
This course is for avid gardeners, activist gardeners, school learning projects, and gardeners growing a business to keep records of plants and the garden, share with others, and maybe grow a following.