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Tip: A word about Permalinks

WordPress gives you the option to use “permalinks” instead of the standard linking.

For example, on my garden blog, instead of

https://www.brisbanecitylife.com.au/?p=22394 (post number 22394)

I can use the page address:

My First Beehive

A lot of wordpress sites are set up so the category or tag is included in the address

eg https://www.brisbanecitylife.com.au/categoryname/my-first-beehive/

This can be good because it can make the file name more meaningful but really comes from the days when it was good for search engine optimisation. However, it has one big drawback.

If you change the category, the page address will change which means all links to it will be broken.

To be on the safe side, I'd recommend just having the post name. The name is something that WordPress generates from the title when you create the page – called the slug.

You can edit the slug – and if you do, that should preferably be right at the beginning before you make any links to the page. You change still change the title of the page later without changing the slug and permalink.

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