Why Garden?

There are lots of types of gardeners and many different reasons to garden.

I think a garden can reflect your whole philosophy of life – whether you try to be in control or just go with the flow, whether you're tidy or messy or somewhere in between, whether you tend to find your own way or are a follower of rules and fashion.

Here are my reasons to garden…

  1. Escape to a timeless world. Seasons matter in the garden. And sun, rain, wind, humidity, location, soil type, climate and microclimates. All these things are beyond our control and we have to accept them and work with them. Hours and minutes are meaningless.
  2. Exercise and movement. The variety of movements, walking, digging, reaching make us move and stretch in all sorts of ways without even thinking about it.
  3. Fresh air, flowers and sunshine. It cheers you up and makes you healthy.
  4. Somewhere quiet to sit and reflect.
  5. Fresh food, grown organically. I love food – fresh herbs, salads, vegetables – and this is the best way to get it.
  6. We owe it to the wildlife – it's their home too.

… what are yours?

And do you think your reasons have any bearing on your political views?

You can see my garden here – or my campaign to turn barren verges into nature strips here.

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