What Exactly is a Community Bowls Club?

When members talk about the future of their Clubs a common thread is whether they are a bowls club or whether they should become more of a community club. It soon becomes clear that people have got very different ideas of what being a community club or being part of the community means. [continue reading…]

Menus, Pages and Categories in WordPress

Themes usually come with one or more menu locations and you can also add menus in the right/left hand column as a widget. Many themes have a Top Menu (probably goes across the top of the page either above or below the top banner) and a Social Links Menu (probably goes bottom right and meant for links to twitter etc)

Your top menu usually leads to the main pages of your website.

The side menu more often lists categories, latest posts, etc.

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Since when has clover been a weed?

A plant considered undesirable, unattractive, or troublesome, or growing where it is not wanted, is usually considered a weed.

Clover is beneficial to bees and to the soil. Lying on cool, soft clover watching the clouds move across a Queensland sky is one of the lingering memories of my childhood. The only downside of clover in the lawn is that you have to watch out for bees when walking barefoot. That is not enough to designate something a weed.

How and why did it change? [continue reading…]

Why Garden?

There are lots of types of gardeners and many different reasons to garden.

I think a garden can reflect your whole philosophy of life – whether you try to be in control or just go with the flow, whether you're tidy or messy or somewhere in between, whether you tend to find your own way or are a follower of rules and fashion. [continue reading…]

Metaphors We Live By

I discovered this book, “Metaphors We Live By” by George Lakoff and Mark Johnson after an aside by Dr Joan Mulholland during a university lecture sometime in the 1990s – if you’re interested, you might find this book interesting – so I jotted down the name and checked it out in the library. [continue reading…]