Can a website really save your Bowls Club?

For some years now, Bowls Australia has been urging bowls clubs to promote themselves online. They provide free websites and are currently upgrading them through their Bowlslink program.

Queensland is the only state not currently participating although some clubs have their website through BA's earlier system.

You can spot them easily through the design and the web address:

Some clubs, especially the larger clubs with more resources, have done their own websites for years.

Smaller clubs rarely have the money to pay for these services, and these are the ones who benefit most from the program.

Whichever option they choose, clubs need to get an online presence if they want to survive over the coming years.

What if you don't have a website?

Even if your members think a website isn't necessary, a significant percentage of your prospective members will look for a bowls club online.

A member transferring will be looking to find a club where they can play certain days or times, and will also be comparing the impressions of each club suggested by the website.

A new member will also be looking for general information about how to join, different options of social, Jack Attack, night bowls, competition and so on.

Many people looking for a venue for hire, or a night out, will also look online.

If you're not there – in the search engines – you won't exist as one of their options. They'll go somewhere else.

But there's more to websites than marketing.

Websites and the technology behind them can also improve your club communications, increase efficiency, and save money.

That can take time and skill to implement but it can be done with a little guidance. I've created an online course to make this affordable for even the smallest clubs who rely on volunteers.

Here's the catch.

You have to do it well.

Have a look around some of the other clubs in your area. Here are some lists of clubs in Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia, Victoria, South Australia, ACT, Tasmania, and New South Wales with links to their sites.

How does your club website compare? Which ones would make you want to join that club? Which ones would make you steer clear?


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