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These courses are free but open to subscribers only. Participants can ask questions and further content will be added with many of the answers.

Online Communication and Your Club or NFP
COVID-19 restrictions have created great challenges for organisations and pushed them to find new ways of communicating with their members. For many, it has been a case of reinventing in order to survive.

Tell Your Story Online

WordPress is a great way to publish your story, essays, memoirs or family history and manage who gets to read, contribute and comment. This course shows you how.

Grow Your Garden Blog

This course is for avid gardeners, activist gardeners, school learning projects, and gardeners growing a business to keep records of plants and the garden, share with others, and maybe grow a following.

We've all been there - whether it's the blank piece of paper or the blank computer screen. We have the tools, some skills in using them, but where do you start? What do you write? What do you draw?

This is why sharing on social media is so popular, you just click a "share" button. Anyone can do that.

Creating real, worthwhile and useful content is a lot harder.

It's the content and message of websites, and their value to you and your reader, that matters most. The technology and code are just the tools.

In these courses, I've boiled down many years of experience designing websites to provide you with some of the tools and guidance you need to create or manage your own website and online communication.

I am not providing the usual technical courses or training. There are lots of courses around about using WordPress and other systems to create websites, but having those technical skills can still leave you floundering and frustrated.

My aim is to help you maintain control of your project and make the best use of technology with the people in your organisation.