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Tell Your Story using WordPress

Stories matter. Your story matters.

But old-style print publishing meant writing a complete book, and for most people it meant paying big money for a minimum print run, resulting in unwanted Christmas gifts and a huge pile of dusty and embarrassing leftovers in the garage.

Electronic publishing gives you the freedom to write and publish any length you want, in manageable chunks, and extending your work with lots of other things besides - like images and links.

And you can make your stories public, available just to a select group of people, private, or a combination. You choose.

If you can send email or use FaceBook, you can do this with the the practical, technical tips and support offered in this course.

Keep up your momentum and tackle writers block with practical examples of other writing to discuss and inspire.

Get your questions answered:

  • How do I add photos, images, links, videos and more to the words?
  • How long should a post be?
  • How do I use links effectively?
  • What about tables of contents and indexes?

you can publish your stories, memoirs or family history and manage who gets to read, contribute and comment.


Some Decisions Up Front

WordPress Basic – Post, pages, tags, categories

Including Images and Other Documents