Glossary – Making sense of the WordPress Jargon

Category: WordPress

This is a quick reference to terms you’ll hear. It is intended for novice users and website owners.

Getting your website online

  • Hosting – this is the space that you rent on a computer that is online 24 hours a day.
  • Domain Name or URL – the address that points to that computer. e.g. or


  • Front End – this is the website that your readers / clients / internet users will see.
  • Back End – this is a series of webpages that allows you to create and manage your website.
  • Dashboard – this is the menu that you use to access and navigate the back end.

On your Website

Look around this page and you’ll see…

  • Header – the banner and menu you see across the top of the page
  • Footer – menus, links, copyright information etc at the bottom of the page
  • Sidebar – a column down the right (sometimes on the left) of the page normally includes secondary menus, advertisements, etc
  • Widgets – are sets of code that is used over and over – e.g. the items in the sidebar are usually widgets
  • Menus – a list of pages, posts or categories to help people navigate around your site
  • Permalinks – the address you see at in the bar at the top e.g. in contact-us is a permalink.  WordPress gives the option to use them rather than something like ?p=123
  • Themes – think of themes as the decoration of your website. You can change your theme to get a new look to the same content
  • Responsive – a responsive website adjusts so it can be viewed on screens of many sizes, including phones, without scrolling to the right.

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